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Our goal is to spot trends first then use an objective, unbiased approach to follow price and trend.  And it works if you’re a day trader, a part-time swing trader or a long-term investor across multiple charts. Tribeca uses a proprietary technical system that shows you exact entries, a range of profit targets and stops that manage risk. And every day, week and month, we pinpoint equities, commodities, and macro trends that help any type of investor.

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Christian Fromhertz provides up to date info on his trading positions that are marked to market daily using Bloomberg API. In addition, actionable trade ideas which are based on chart setups using a proprietary trading system.

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CEO of The Tribeca Trade Group (TTG) Ex BAML Director ETF & D1 Trading. Momentum & Trend Trader. Finished third in 2021 US Investment Championship Growth Division. My MO: stay 1 step ahead of trends & momentum.